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Confidence, Starting Early in Career, is Key for Female Talent

    Confidence, starting early in career, is key for female talent    KPMG’s recently published a Women’s Leadership study that calls out the success factors for women in the workplace – such as gaining confidence, having mentors and asking for what they need. It highlights that getting encouragement from managers, mentors, and leaders early…

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Risk Aversion: Revisited

Risk Aversion—The Real Risk Part 1 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked myself: “Why do women shy away from job-related risk taking?” As a gender, women are not innately risk-averse. We willingly take risks that we perceive will improve our personal lot. We plunge into the unknown, getting into relationships and marriages—or…

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An Overview of WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.: Helping Leading Companies Succeed Through Mentoring, Education and Networking

Welcome to the launch of our WOMEN Unlimited blog! As President and CEO of WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. it will be my pleasure to share with you information about how our programs help women throughout your organization become the female business leaders that will drive your organization to new levels of success. In the weeks and…

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