Amplifying the Impact of Our Programs—The Mentor Experience

The Mentoring Experience

While the mentoring experience is primarily about providing women a safe relationship in which to discuss their careers, both male and female mentors at WOMEN Unlimited programs tell us that it has been a transformational learning experience for them as well.


Most common among the many advantages mentors cite:

The insights they gain as mentors can easily be applied to other organizational relationships

They continue to hone their mentoring and coaching skills for their team members at work

They have a clearer picture of how they can be stronger advocates for organization-wide diversity

They gain a greater understanding of the impact of corporate culture on the advancement of women

As a result of this experience the mentors gain new insights that have far-reaching impact on their management and their teams

In short, mentors tend to continue with us year after year because they see their involvement providing benefits for their mentees, for their teams and for their organization as a whole.  Additionally, they perceive themselves learning and growing in the process.

WUI CEO, Dr. Rosina Racioppi, shares with interviewer and former CEO of Tribune Co., Tony Hunter, how impactful mentoring is for female talent.

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