WOMEN Unlimited Programs

Developing Leaders Who Deliver Results

An Integrated Approach

No matter what stage of your female employee’s professional journey, WOMEN Unlimited has an appropriate program for her. We have developed a proven, integrated approach to help your female talent make the transition from manager to leader, currently used by over 200 leading organizations. The benefits of our three-pronged approach of mentoring, education and networking will be felt through your organization, as participants put into action their new understanding of leadership and how to exert it.

Each carefully tailored program takes your high potential women through on-the-job, measurable action assignments, identifies development goals and benchmarks best practices. Additionally, participants learn the strategies for successfully activating mentors and networks to achieve individual and corporate goals, which last long after the formal program ends

Growing Your Talent Pipeline
From Early Career to Senior Management


IMpower prepares early-career women to contribute to corporate goals and objectives. It focuses on ways for women to “own” their careers, develop smart relationships, build confidence, bolster organization-wide impact and espouse change and innovation.


A development program which focuses on developing strategic alliances, thinking globally, successful risk-taking strategies and managing change. LEAD is for high-potential women with a minimum of 7 years of managerial experience.


The FEW is an executive leadership program. The FEW helps senior women continually increase their contributions to corporate success, while fine tuning their high-level executive skills.