Grow The Talent That Will Grow Your Company


IMpower fully prepares participants to contribute to corporate goals and objectives. Organizations select and approve a minimum of two (maximum of five) women to participate in this 6-month program.

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Success Stories

April Dovholuk, Millennium: The TAKEDA Oncology Company, Boston TEAM Participant, was promoted to Associate Director of Clinical Operations in January 2013 while still attending the WOMEN Unlimited program.

Why Leading Companies Choose IMpower

IMpower includes 6 once-a-month sessions and on-the-job assignments that:

Improve Career Skills
Allow her to concentrate on owning a career through focus, awareness and agility
Boost Confidence
Groom her as a confident, visual and vocal contributor to her organization’s successes
Provide Opportunity
Give her the unprecedented opportunity to work closely with male and female leaders
Build Relationship Skills
Develop relationship-building skills that will expand her influence, thus increasing impact in her organization
Increase Impact
Bolster her business impact – both personally and virtually


Let’s move our story forward together. We’d like to do for you what we’ve done for scores of leading organizations—unleash the power of a new generation of leaders.