Grow The Talent That Will Grow Your Company


IMpower fully prepares participants to contribute to corporate goals and objectives. Organizations select and approve a minimum of two (maximum of five) women to participate in this 6-month program.

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Success Stories

John Deere Alumna: 
The experiences shared by my peers were invaluable. This program and its ‘homework’ kept me visible, involved, and expressed that I was intent on making the most of my company’s investment.

Why Leading Companies Choose IMpower

IMpower includes 6 once-a-month sessions and on-the-job assignments that:

Improve Career Skills
Allow her to concentrate on owning a career through focus, awareness and agility
Boost Confidence
Groom her as a confident, visual and vocal contributor to her organization’s successes
Provide Opportunity
Give her the unprecedented opportunity to work closely with male and female leaders
Build Relationship Skills
Develop relationship-building skills that will expand her influence, thus increasing impact in her organization
Increase Impact
Bolster her business impact – both personally and virtually


Let’s move our story forward together. We’d like to do for you what we’ve done for scores of leading organizations—unleash the power of a new generation of leaders.