The ‘corporate village’ and the bottom line

Gallup’s recently published book, “Culture Shock,” makes a number of critical, research-based arguments for the importance of creating a corporate village culture that supports, nurtures and involves its talented employees. Some of the advantages of a workforce that believes their organization cares about their wellbeing are: 3 times more likely to be engaged at work.…

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A Talent Manager’s Guide: Empowering New Female Graduates in the Workforce

WUI as seen in Talent Management

Talent managers should help young women foster curiosity, cultivate learning agility and identify key influencers within an organization, an article originally published on Talent Management. by Rosina L. Racioppi September 13, 2023 Q: As a talent manager, how can I support recent female college graduates entering the workforce? A: Transitioning from college to the professional world requires…

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