Confidence, Starting Early in Career, is Key for Female Talent



Confidence, starting early in career, is key for female talent 


KPMG’s recently published a Women’s Leadership study that calls out the success factors for women in the workplace – such as gaining confidence, having mentors and asking for what they need. It highlights that getting encouragement from managers, mentors, and leaders early on in her career has great impact on the ability to grow as a leader.


The lack of confidence affects an array of other activities tied to ultimately becoming leaders: nine in 10 women said they do not feel confident asking for sponsors (92%), with large numbers also lacking confidence seeking mentors (79%), asking for access to senior leadership (76%), pursuing a job opportunity beyond their experience (73%), asking for a career path plan (69%), requesting a promotion (65%), raise (61%), or a new role or position (56%). 


Women Unlimited’s programs are designed to meet these critical career needs and provide the confidence building, cross industry networking, and senior leader mentoring as part of the development experience. We work with participant’s manager to enhance their feedback and encouragement skills.


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