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Archive for September 2013

Feeding the Pipeline: 2 Strategies that Work

As I pointed out in my last blog, the recent Harvard Business Review article, Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers, resonated with me. The strategies suggested by Herminia Ibarra, Robin Ely, and Deborah Kolb are very much in sync with what we’ve been doing at WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. for nearly 20 years. In this blog, I’m…

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Second Generation Bias: The Silent Career Killer

In these next two blogs, I’m going to use Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers by Herminia Ibarra, Robin Ely and Deborah Kolb, an article which appeared in a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review, as a springboard for sharing my perspective on barriers facing women in organizations. [click here for original article] In this…

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