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Organizations who partner with us are able to enjoy sustainable gender parity that positively impacts their bottom line. We help our corporate partners put into place key ingredients for success: CEO commitment to diversity, involvement by managers at all levels, shifts in corporate culture and selection of high potential female talent.

Many HR leaders and top-level executives tell us that the benefits of their high potential women attending our programs are organization-wide, extending far beyond the women themselves and their individual departments

Top management gains a greater understanding of the need to commit to gender parity

Managers at all levels begin to shift from “unconscious bias” to “conscious inclusion”

Male executives become more willing to mentor female talent

Both men and women executives gain a greater understanding of the particular challenges today's high potential women face

Retention of talented women increases dramatically

In short, our corporate partners gain the insights and information they need to evolve their own, customized strategies for creating a more inclusive organization.

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