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Risk Aversion: Revisited

Risk Aversion—The Real Risk Part 1 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked myself: “Why do women shy away from job-related risk taking?” As a gender, women are not innately risk-averse. We willingly take risks that we perceive will improve our personal lot. We plunge into the unknown, getting into relationships and marriages—or…

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Fostering Female Talent: Lessons from the Field

Over the years, WOMEN Unlimited has interviewed thousands of managers and executives on how they’ve successfully advanced female talent.   In both our quantitative and qualitative research, managers consistently point to three best practices: providing feedback, offering encouragement and actively enabling advancement. Here’s a brief overview of how managers view each of these areas and…

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How to Amplify Impact: A Showcase of Proven Strategies

On May 1st, WOMEN Unlimited hosted a Showcase in New York City. Our goal was to do exactly that: showcase best practices for the development and advancement of female talent, while giving participants a hands-on sense of how the WOMEN Unlimited approach accomplishes that goal.   The Showcase brought together an impressive group of senior…

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Why Is 15 Out Of 16 Not Good Enough?

In the last few months there has been a lot in the news about women and leadership. I’m really happy this subject is starting to get more of the attention it deserves. One recent online article by Will Marre, Three Reasons We Need Women Leaders Now, especially captured my attention. Marre points out that according…

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We see it all the time here at WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.  Corporations fail to focus on their largest potential pipeline of long-term talent: professional women in the early stages of their career.  More and more evidence is pointing to the importance of programs for this diverse and talented group. Here are a few examples:  “Top…

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