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Archive for March 2014

The Double-Edged Benefits of Intrapreneurs

As someone who works jointly with talented women and their Fortune 1000 companies, I’m always on the lookout for approaches and strategies that benefit both. It’s the focus of WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. partnerships: helping women move forward so both they and their companies reach new levels of success. Intrapreneurship is definitely a win-win strategy and…

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Women Have To Stop Shying Away From Their Own Accomplishments

Most women are passionate cheerleaders for the achievements of those they care about—kids, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, bosses, colleagues, subordinates…with one notable exception… THEMSELVES. Women often shy away from getting the word out about their corporate accomplishments. They tend to harbor the misguided expectation that their work will speak for itself. Not likely. And even…

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