Members of Your Team Might Be Experiencing Middle Management Syndrome—Here’s How to Fix That

Middle management article featuring Rosina Racioppi

By Alex Frost | December 28, 2023 | Originally published in Success Magazine.   They spend their days ensuring the team they lead is working at its optimal performance. And they spend their other days ensuring their bosses, often C-suite leaders and upper management, have everything they need. So, managers find themselves living in the forgotten middle, a…

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Partnering for Parity

  As our 25th Anniversary Year gets into full swing, I am proud of, and encouraged by, the strides in gender parity our corporate partners are making. It’s a testimony to their commitment to inclusiveness.   The Impact of Partnering for Parity   According to a McKinsey study, Women in the Workplace 2018: “Closing the…

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