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Partnering to Make Communities Better

  Susan Kendrick, WOMEN Unlimited’s Manager of Communications, Marketing & The WUN | Alumnae Network, is passionate about partnerships that help others in her community. She and her certified dog, Ocean, partner with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) to visit patients in hospitals, rehabs and nursing homes. Over and over, Susan and Ocean ease the burden…

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Fostering Female Talent: Lessons from the Field

Over the years, WOMEN Unlimited has interviewed thousands of managers and executives on how they’ve successfully advanced female talent.   In both our quantitative and qualitative research, managers consistently point to three best practices: providing feedback, offering encouragement and actively enabling advancement. Here’s a brief overview of how managers view each of these areas and…

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We see it all the time here at WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.  Corporations fail to focus on their largest potential pipeline of long-term talent: professional women in the early stages of their career.  More and more evidence is pointing to the importance of programs for this diverse and talented group. Here are a few examples:  “Top…

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