We see it all the time here at WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.  Corporations fail to focus on their largest potential pipeline of long-term talent: professional women in the early stages of their career.  More and more evidence is pointing to the importance of programs for this diverse and talented group. Here are a few examples:

    •  “Top performing organizations now recognize that the earlier potential talent is identified and put into the pipeline, the sooner the entire organization reaps the rewards.”  (
    •  “By addressing the mind-sets holding women back, corporate leaders can reshape the talent pipeline…making it likelier that women will retain their ambition”  (McKinsey quarterly)
    • “Fortune 500 Companies with the best records of promoting women…report 18 to 69 percent higher profits than their competitors who have not been as successful promoting women” (Corporate Retention of Women Engineers)

One of our programs, TEAM – an acronym for Transforming Emerging & Aspiring Managers – goes right to the heart of creating a cadre of talented professional women who will stay with your organization and rise to its highest ranks.  Let’s take a look at how this program differs from other professional mentoring programs.

Primarily, TEAM takes a three-pronged approach of Mentoring, Education and Networking, which allows professional women in their early careers to touch all the bases as they learn how to develop a personal brand that will bring success to themselves and their companies. TEAM’s 3-in-1 approach provides a sort of “one-stop shopping” for organizations looking to develop managerial competencies that include managing both tasks and people.  Skills seminars and other  professional mentoring programs cannot offer the same far-reaching benefits.

Perhaps the best evidence of TEAM’s success is the “company we keep.”  More than 75 top corporations have used TEAM time and again, rather than other professional mentoring programs, to develop the leaders they need for tomorrow’s complex global marketplace.  These companies include Adobe Systems, Inc., Bank of America Corp, Bayer Healthcare LLC, Bridgestone Americas, John Deere, Prudential Financial, and Raytheon Company.

You’ll find much more information about TEAM on our website. It’s been helping organizations get their professional women started off early and started off right for over 13 years.

Next time we’ll look at Management Skills and Corporate Success.  In the meantime, please post your comments.

Rosina L. Racioppi
President and CEO
WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.