A “Fireside Chat” with Siemens Energy, Inc. & WOMEN Unlimited Inc.


What a unique and impactful experience it was to gather with 25 Siemens Energy, Inc. WOMEN Unlimited Inc. alumnae last week in Orlando, FL. The event was a ‘fireside chat’ with the head of Global Operations for Siemens Power Generation Services, Gaelle Hotellier.   


Many in the room did not know Gaelle, but by the end of the evening we were certainly impressed by her candid conversation. It was truly authentic, spirited, and inspiring! There were many stories and words of wisdom that we now can carry with us. Some of the highlights include:

  • Transformation is essential to success!  And it can’t be done without getting out of your comfort zone and true self-reflection.
  • The decision you made, at the time you made it, was the best decision with the information you had at that time. If changes are needed once additional information presents itself – then make a new decision. Be kind to yourself.
  • Be BOLD!  


We also thank Peggy Jackson, the WUI Southern Region Area & Program Manager, who joined us. We are so thankful to you Peggy, for your mentorship, leadership, and friendship. Some of the key take-aways from our evening together included:

When women celebrate women, collectively collaborate, share, mentor / reverse-mentor experiences, and demonstrate leadership to one another – we each grow stronger in our capabilities and confidence to be better than we are today.  Being “better” does not mean we are not good now. It only means finding new ways to be more impactful and influential in our leadership for others, “planting seeds for the future”, or being more courageous when facing difficulty. 


Leadership is not management.  Leadership does not come from a title. Leadership is granted from the social power that others recognize in you. It comes from what you DO and who you ARE in our place of business and community.  

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