Partnering to Make Communities Better

WOMEN Unlimited’s Susan Kendrick and her dog, Ocean are partnering with ATD to bring patients laughter and good cheer


Susan Kendrick, WOMEN Unlimited’s Manager of Communications, Marketing & The WUN | Alumnae Network, is passionate about partnerships that help others in her community. She and her certified dog, Ocean, partner with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) to visit patients in hospitals, rehabs and nursing homes. Over and over, Susan and Ocean ease the burden of those in health facilities by providing the special therapy that only a dog can provide. Recently relocating from Florida, Susan and Ocean are bringing their pet partnership to benefit patients in Mansfield, Texas

For Susan, there’s an important bond between her work at WOMEN Unlimited and her community partnership: “In our programs, we talk a lot about seeing the bigger picture. It allows you to recognize what is really important – and what just isn’t. Through my volunteering experiences, I am reminded each time of how very fortunate I am.”

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