WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.’s IMpower Experience Helps Emerging Female Talent Move into a Leadership Role

New York, NY, April, 2016 – WOMEN Unlimited, Inc., the leading provider of organizational solutions and initiatives to empower women as leaders, launched its innovative leadership experience IMpower: Grow the Talent That Will Grow Your Company in the Fall of 2015. Program participants and their companies found the IMpower experience helped emerging female talent to move into a leadership role.

IMpower is designed to provide high potential women – either with a few years of experience, reentering the workforce or mid-level female managers, with the tools, resources and support to transition into a leadership position,” Dr. Rosina Racioppi, President and CEO of WOMEN Unlimited, Inc., said, “The IMpower experience addresses the challenges faced in retaining and developing emerging female talent throughout their career.”

“One of the most significant lessons I learned is to own my career by focusing on corporate goals, being aware of the big picture and open to new ways of doing things,” explains one woman who went through the program in Chicago. Another participant boasts “IMpower has developed me into a more effective communicator and influencer.” Other comments on the experience include that IMpower helped participants to develop their personal brand, network with intention, broaden their business acumen, and ensure that their work is linked to key performance indicators (KPIs).

The IMpower leadership experience is designed to support both individual women and their organizations in the six key areas that are critical to success in business:

  • Owning Your Career: Focus, Awareness, Agility
  • Savvy Relationships: Expanding Your Influence and Increasing Your Impact
  • Developing “Brand You”: Confident, Visible, Vocal
  • Bolstering Your Business Impact: Personally and Virtually
  • Beyond Your Department: Broadening Your Business Acumen
  • Change and Innovation: Your Career Catalysts

Contact (212) 572-6211 or corp@women-unlimited.com for information and the 2016 IMpower program schedule.

About WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.
WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. has been partnering with Fortune 1000 companies since 1994 to develop and retain a diverse pool of talented women leaders who can confidently usher their organizations to new levels of growth and profitability. The organization uses a three-pronged approach of mentoring, education and networking to benefit organizations by enabling the transformation of talented, high-potential women from doers to leaders. For more information on WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. and IMpower we invite you to visit https://www.women-unlimited.com.

About Dr. Rosina Racioppi
Dr. Rosina Racioppi, president and chief executive officer of WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. spearheads initiatives to help Fortune 1000 companies cultivate the talent needed for ongoing growth and profitability. Under her leadership, Women Unlimited, Inc. partners with organizations across a wide range of industries to develop high-potential women and to build a pipeline of diverse and talented leaders. A media kit for Dr. Racioppi can be found at https://www.women-unlimited.com/resources/media_center.