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CLO Magazine

Maneuver Mentoring Obstacles
Beware of these three mentoring relationship derailers.

In organizations across the country, mentoring programs are acknowledged to benefit both talented employees and their managers, adding millions of dollars to the bottom line. In fact, research consistently shows that mentoring provides pivotal developmental relationships that function as the backbone for organizational improvement... read entire story

TLNT Magazine

The 6-Point Plan to Attract, Develop and Retain Women

Gender parity is on everyone’s agenda today. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s the smart thing to do. Companies with more women in their C-suites and on their boards are doing better, acting smarter and growing faster than those who don’t. The question of “why gender parity?” has been asked and overwhelmingly answered. The question now on the table is: “How do... read entire story

About WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.

WOMEN Unlimited has a 20+ year track record of partnering with Fortune 1000 companies. Our 3-pronged approach of mentoring, education and networking allows corporations to prudently allocate their OD resources for the development of C-suite ready female talent.

With an average of 700 attendees a year and 10,000 alumnae, we are continually creating a vibrant pipeline of diverse talent equipped to handle current and future business challenges.

Our commitment to encouraging appropriate risk taking and fostering needed shifts in behavior by both our participants and their organizations has positioned us as a premiere organization in the development of female corporate leaders.

Meet Rosina
As President and CEO of WOMEN Unlimited, Dr. Racioppi is actively involved in helping organizations meet the challenges of a continually changing global economy. Read full bio.


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