How Forward Looking Companies Are Improving Their Leadership Pipeline

A Leadership Showcase presented by WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.

New York, NY, March 1, 2018 – On Wednesday, March 7th, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. will host a Leadership Showcase to share their experience and research, based on twenty-four years of working with women, their managers, and organizations to help female talent contribute to success at all corporate levels. The event will feature a Guest Speaker and networking lunch, and will take place at The Princeton Club, located at 15 W 43rd St., New York, NY.

The purpose of the Showcase is to bring together like-minded corporate leaders committed to developing and advancing female talent. WOMEN Unlimited will share insight and research on successful strategies for women’s advancement at key career inflection points – emerging women, mid-career and senior leadership. Participants in the Showcase will also gain insight from other attending corporate executives on their talent development strategies.

At the Leadership Showcase, WOMEN Unlimited will share with participants an “insider’s view” of the learning framework of IMpower, LEAD and The FEW, the company’s trademark learning model, which enjoy a 96% return rate of participating companies including many of the Fortune 1000.

“WOMEN Unlimited is fortunate to partner with companies, such as Prudential, Bayer, Bunge, New Balance, Fidelity and CVS; organizations that are committed to changing their corporate landscape,” according to Dr. Rosina L. Racioppi, President and CEO of WOMEN Unlimited, Inc., “Leaders attending The Showcase will experience our learning framework as we share insights and research from our 24 years of working with women and their managers.”

Additionally, Dr. Milana Hogan, Chief Legal Recruiting & Professional Development Officer at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, will share her research “Grit, The Secret to Advancement.” Dr. Hogan oversees the firm’s talent management initiatives, including formal assignment systems, mentoring and career development programs, performance evaluations, diversity and inclusion initiatives, formal training curriculums, as well as all aspects of the firm’s worldwide recruiting efforts.

To date, participants include Senior Leaders in the areas of Talent, Diversity, and Human Resources from leading organizations.

To learn more about the Leadership Showcase contact us here. For more information on how WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. works with major stakeholders across an organization to develop leaders who deliver results, you are invited to visit

About WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.
WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. ( has been partnering with Fortune 1000 companies committed to advancing women leaders since 1994. WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. uses a proven, three-pronged approach of mentoring, education and networking to benefit organizations by enabling the development of talented, high-potential women to become successful leaders.