Amplifying the Impact of Our Programs—The Manager Experience

The Manager Experience

To facilitate the shifts and changes needed for managers to become all-in players in achieving gender parity, we actively involve them when a woman participates in one of our programs.

Many managers tell us that as a result of their women attending a program, their own learning curve is facilitated. Often, they are the beneficiaries of a “secondary learning” that enables them to put industry-proven best practices into place.

Giving and getting honest feedback both in reviews and on an ongoing basis

Understanding the perspectives and experiences of the women on their team

Helping women take accountability for managing their careers

Providing opportunities for growth that are not just about promotions

Assessing their own attitudes towards women advancing

Helping women move from a tactical to a strategic perspective

In short, as the women on their team progress through a program, the managers gain a better sense of how barriers women experience influence their careers…of how to encourage their female talent to build on their strengths… and of recognizing where changes need to happen in themselves and in the corporate culture.

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