It’s Time for Resilience to Overtake Resistance

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Development programs for women are well worth the effort. Here’s why.

May 6, 2024 published on CLO by Dr. Rosina L. Racioppi

In my capacity as president and CEO of WOMEN Unlimited, I am observing increased resistance by corporations to invest the time and effort needed to support growth and development. Especially for their female talent.

Additionally, women themselves seem to be more resistant to programs aimed at overcoming the specific barriers to advancement they face. In a variety of ways, this is a troubling trend for organizations and their talented women, and an invitation to shortchange both corporate and individual growth.

Why development programs for women are worth the effort  

  • It’s been shown over and over that diverse C-suites bring increased organizational innovation and profitability. Development programs actively feed a diverse talent pipeline helping organizations advance more women to the highest leadership levels.
  • Companies are more likely to attract and retain female talent when the organization is known for having a robust approach to developing women at all corporate levels.
  • Departments run by managers who nominate female talent for development programs and support them during and after the programs often see increases in productivity, morale and retention not just by the attendees, but by the entire team.
  • Because it signals that they too can advance, talented women are attracted to organizations with high-level representation by other women. Development programs are key contributors to more women making it to the top.
  • Development programs increase confidence and competence in their attendees. As a result, talented women are more likely candidates for both mentorship and sponsorship, which are two key factors for advancement.
  • Development programs help women navigate the corporate landscape, pinpoint specific opportunities and increase visibility. The result? Top leaders become critically aware of talent that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

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The time is now to substitute resilience for resistance

Human resources are exactly that: vital resources. With women making up more than half the workforce, overlooking or undervaluing them as a resource is a dangerous and costly mistake.

As a result, cutting back on development programs, or not getting them started, goes well beyond pennywise, pound foolish. That resistance stands in the way of talented women bringing their significant competencies to bear for increasing corporate growth and profitability.

Why should CLOs be vocal advocates for development programs that nurture female talent? Just one answer. They work!


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