Success? We’ve Got the Numbers to Prove It

Let me start out by saying that I’m not a bean counter. I’m a results counter.

I believe that the results of training and development programs can be measured in a variety of ways: some numeric…some not. In this blog, I’ll focus on the numeric aspects and how they continually point to the success of our WOMEN Unlimited programs.

Let’s begin with our corporate partners. There’s an old expression that says you should be judged by the company you keep. At WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. we’re happy to be evaluated that way. Our corporate partners (We call them corporate partners, not clients, because everything we do is a collaboration.) are international leaders and shakers and include over 100 of the Fortune 1000 companies.

These top corporations are not one-time users of our programs. Over 70% have been with us for over 10 years. Colgate Palmolive Company has been on board since our founding in 1994. American Express Company has been our corporate partner for over 16 years. Additionally, 96% keep sending generation after generation of their talented women to our programs. For example, Adobe Systems Incorporated has over 330 graduates, Bridgestone Americas Inc. has 270 graduates and John Deere has sent over 260 women to our programs.

With the myriad of programs available on the market, why do over 120 of the world’s top companies keep coming back to us?  Because nothing sells like success, especially success that can be backed up by numbers.

In a recent survey of participants in WOMEN Unlimited programs, over 98% rated the programs extremely valuable and indicated they would encourage other high-potential women to attend.

74% have made career changes in their organization, 60% were promoted to leadership roles and 83% have received salary increases.

In response to questions about attitudinal and behavioral changes, 74% of WOMEN Unlimited alumnae reported “I have become a more effective leader.” 68% indicated “I am more effective in dealing with the political environment in the workplace.”  63% said “I have enhanced my communication, networking and presentation skills.”

Here are just a few more numbers to underline the breadth and scope of what we do. Our programs are offered in nine (9) US cities throughout the year. A team of 20 high-powered women leaders oversee and conduct the programs, ensuring they are continually on target for our corporate partners and their participants. Last year alone, our corporate partners sent over 330 talented women to our programs, bringing our total number of program graduates to over 8800.

Finally, and perhaps the most significant statistic of all, “Fortune 500 Companies with the best records of promoting women report 18 to 69 percent higher profits than their competitors who have not been as successful promoting women.” (Corporate Retention of Women Engineers).

That’s the bottom line our successful numbers support!

Rosina Racioppi                                                                                 President & CEO                                                                               WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.