Mentoring Success – In the Words of Mentees Themselves

In my January blog I highlighted the key finding from my doctoral dissertation, Women’s Mentoring Wisdom. Most notably, that mentees were successful when they acted intentionally and took deliberate steps to prepare for their mentoring relationships, to leverage their mentors’ insights and to transfer what they learned to organizational relationships.

This time, I’d like to share with you some comments from the mentees themselves. One of the advantages of my qualitative research methodology is it allowed me to conduct open-ended interviews with 26 women. They candidly shared with me, how intentional mentoring changed them and changed their careers. Here are a few examples.

Improved Self Esteem

I don’t think I would feel as confident in making career changes without mentors, because they are people to whom I can say: this is why I think I want it. This is why I think I would be good at it. Here’s where I am scared that I am not good enough for it and getting advice on that. I do not think I would be changing positions, or growing myself as much as I am without mentors.

…I get feedback and coaching from them that builds my confidence. I leverage this on a day-to-day basis from a leadership perspective. It’s validation that my approach, that what I am looking to do, has a chance of working.

Broadened Business Perspective

Helped me understand what top talent was, and I was able to craft a plan to be viewed as ‘top talent’

My mentor helped shift my mindset when he shared his experiences and perspective. He helped me see the importance of building relationships.

One of the key benefits of these relationships…is providing you a resource of knowing things that are not in your frame of reference

“Showing Up” the Right Way

You approach the leadership team and ask them, can I meet with you for 15 minutes to get guidance on a certain topic; I really value your opinion? They love to share their knowledge, background and offer advice.

Through these relationships, I understood that if I wanted to be the GM (general manager) of this business, I needed to act like the GM of this business.

I was able to talk with my boss and discuss my career goals… A few months later, a role opened up and my boss recommended me for the position. I would not have had the conversation with my manager without my mentor’s support and guidance.

From everyone’s perspective: the over-all corporation, mentors and mentees, the payoffs of successful mentoring strategies are significant and pervasive. Here are a few links to more information on creating effective mentoring relationships that produce high-impact results.

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Mentoring, Sponsorship, & Partnering for Women’s Advancement

Dr. Rosina L. Racioppi
President and CEO
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