Members of Your Team Might Be Experiencing Middle Management Syndrome—Here’s How to Fix That

Middle management article featuring Rosina Racioppi

By Alex Frost | December 28, 2023 | Originally published in Success Magazine.   They spend their days ensuring the team they lead is working at its optimal performance. And they spend their other days ensuring their bosses, often C-suite leaders and upper management, have everything they need. So, managers find themselves living in the forgotten middle, a…

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“Women We Admire” Announces Top Women Leaders of New Jersey for 2023

NEWS PROVIDED BY Women We Admire 15 Nov, 2023, 11:00 ET Women We Admire is pleased to announce The Top Women Leaders of New Jersey for 2023 NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Women We Admire is pleased to announce The Top Women Leaders of New Jersey for 2023. New Jersey has experienced a notable evolution in terms of women’s leadership, reflecting…

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The ‘corporate village’ and the bottom line

Gallup’s recently published book, “Culture Shock,” makes a number of critical, research-based arguments for the importance of creating a corporate village culture that supports, nurtures and involves its talented employees. Some of the advantages of a workforce that believes their organization cares about their wellbeing are: 3 times more likely to be engaged at work.…

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A Talent Manager’s Guide: Empowering New Female Graduates in the Workforce

WUI as seen in Talent Management

Talent managers should help young women foster curiosity, cultivate learning agility and identify key influencers within an organization, an article originally published on Talent Management. by Rosina L. Racioppi September 13, 2023 Q: As a talent manager, how can I support recent female college graduates entering the workforce? A: Transitioning from college to the professional world requires…

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How To Establish An Inclusive Culture Of Feedback

People managing people podcast with rosina racioppi

Original Article and Podcast by Becca Banyard via Studies have found that managers are more likely to give kind but generic feedback when it’s directed to a woman. This unconscious bias is causing women to miss out on valuable learning and development opportunities. So what can we do about it? In this episode, host…

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It Takes a Corporate Village

Together, managers and CLOs can be leaders in creating a corporate village where both the corporation itself and all the individuals in it are thriving and growing. by Dr. Rosina L. Racioppi July 25, 2023 While the phrase “It takes a village” hasn’t been widely used in corporate circles, it is equally appropriate and applicable to…

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Achieving Equity by Focusing On Skills

The application of skill-based hiring increases talent pools significantly, battling the current labor shortage with more inclusive employment. by Preethi Mangadu Published July 10, 2023 via CLO Media   Traditionally, people say that the best path to find a successful career is to have a degree and to have work experience for “X” amount of years.…

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Ask the Career Doctor: Building Confidence in the Workplace

Talent managers can help women build self-confidence by providing self-assessment tools, facilitating conversations with influential leaders and prioritizing their visibility. As seen in Talent Management… Q: In your opinion, how can talent managers assist women in building their self-confidence and assertiveness to help them overcome any barriers and succeed in leadership roles? What resources or programs…

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