Career-Long Resources For WOMEN Unlimited Alumnae

It’s the goal of WOMEN Unlimited to ensure that leadership development begins, doesn’t end, with our programs. To fulfill that goal, we have a vibrant and active alumnae network for our program graduates called The WUN. This blog features an interview with the Program Manager of our alumnae initiatives, Susan Kendrick

Susan Kendrick, Program Manager, The WUN

Describe briefly the mission of The WUN (WOMEN Unlimited Network)
The WUN is all about serving as an on-going development resource for women and their organizations. We provide numerous opportunities for our alumnae to continue to hone their skills as focused, energetic leaders. As a result, their organizations enjoy the benefits of talented women who grow and develop throughout their careers, broadening their corporate contributions all along the way.

How do alumnae become involved?
Once a woman completes our program, she receives automatic membership in The WUN. There is no fee and it is a career-long membership.

Our alumnae tell us that a big advantage of The WUN is that it is valuable and viable at all career levels. Because of the number and diversity of our alumnae (over 11,500 and counting), alumnae can forge connections with women all along their career path.

What resources are available to alumnae through The WUN?
The WUN is the conduit for our alumnae to connect with both people and ideas. We provide five major avenues for alumnae to continue to grow their skills and their networks.

  • Quarterly webinars: Our webinars, focusing on a subject of importance to female talent and their organizations, are an important and popular resource usually attended by hundreds of alumnae. Here’s an example of a recent webinar for you to enjoy in its entirety.
  • WUN to Many: We encourage our alumnae to broaden the reach of the leadership development opportunities we offer. One example is “WUN to Many” in which alumnae can invite colleagues, managers, team members and senior leadership to participate in the complimentary quarterly webinars. Our “WUN to Many” Template makes it fast and easy for alumnae to create a valuable leadership event around the webcast.
  • The WUN E-newsletters: Our monthly newsletters are quick read, high-level reminders of key leadership concepts. They include original content as well as links to other articles featuring the topic of the month. Each issue also spotlights the accomplishments of one of our alumnae, providing a perspective in her own words. Take a look at “Compass or Clock”, a recent newsletter.
  • Closed Linked-In Group: Our alumnae can connect with fellow alumnae any day, any time through our closed Linked-In Group. In addition to posts and updates from The WUN, program alumnae can reach out to share insights, ask questions, compare experiences and seek out others who have handled problems or situations which are currently top of mind.
  • “Yearn to Learn” Opportunity: We often hear from our alumnae that they would like to go back and revisit a particular session from the program they attended. We give them that opportunity to satisfy that “Yearn to Learn.” Alumnae can choose a favorite session, return to it and continue the learning, while networking with other talented women. All at no charge to them or their organization.

In addition to being a resource for program alumnae, how does The WUN help their organizations?

One of the biggest organizational benefits is that high potential women forge critical connections outside their corporations with talented leaders who can provide fresh insights and best practices. The alumna can take these concepts and strategies into her organization and discuss them with her team, her managers and her top leadership. In other words, The WUN amplifies the impact the woman has on her organization and creates a ripple effect in the best possible meaning of the phrase.

Additionally, alumnae of our LEAD program are invited to become mentors for the more junior women in our IMpower program. As a result, LEAD alumnae have the opportunity to both give back and to apply their fine-tuned mentoring skills to growing the talent pipeline in their own organizations.

Any additional thoughts or comments?
First and foremost we want to continue to do what our alumnae tell us we do best: serving as a conduit to help them be both successful and fulfilled throughout their careers. We listen and respond to their needs – which drives our offerings.

I look forward to The WUN broadening our innovative approaches for alumnae to further expand their contacts and their career horizons.

For more information about The WUN, please feel free to contact me: