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Highlights: An Information Packed Webinar on STEM and Female Talent

On September 28th, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. sponsored a webinar on STEM: Developing and Retaining Female Talent. I had the privilege of moderating the discussion which featured two panelists with extensive STEM experience: Liz Borowsky, Senior Director, Akamai Technologies, Inc. and Jennifer Harnden-Koehler, Ph.D., Executive Coaching & Talent Management Consulting, Talent Acceleration Group. Continue Reading

Forging a New Generation of Leaders in Asia Pacific

For over a year now, we have been partnering with Em Roblin and her organization LEAP to bring the proven WOMEN Unlimited approach to organizations operating in Asia Pacific, with programs in Singapore and Shanghai. Here’s Em’s take on the impact so far. Continue Reading

Inclusiveness: Wall Street vs. Main Street

I recently read an article in the New York Times, How Wall Street Bro Talk Keeps Women Down by Sam Polk.

As the head of an organization dedicated to the advancement of women, I had to ask myself “Is this really 2016?” The article highlighted the misogyny that still exists on Wall Street, where according to Polk, “a woman has never been the chief executive of a major investment bank. Only about 2 percent of hedge fund managers are women.” Continue Reading

Interview with Visael “Bobby” Rodriguez

WOMEN Unlimited recently interviewed Bobby Rodriguez for his perspective as a Chief Diversity Officer on inclusiveness and developing female talent Continue Reading

IMpower Defines a Clear Path for Early-career Women and Their Employers IMpower

It’s much harder to scale a lattice than to climb a ladder.

In many organizations today, the only path for career advancement is a matrix that has no discernible line of direction. Unlike the easy-to-follow career ladder, the lattice doesn’t offer bright signposts detailing the next stop, nor does it clearly point to people who can advise and describe at each level.

The lattice is marked even less clearly for early-career women. Companies’ hearts may be in the right place, but the constant demand for short-term progress diverts attention elsewhere. So women and their employers are left to figure it out on their own. Continue Reading

Soccer and Tennis: Why Corporations Need Both

Throughout the year, we invite guest bloggers to share their from-the-field perspectives on inclusiveness and diversity. I’m so pleased to provide you with a number of outstanding and actionable insights from Tom Dybro. Continue Reading

Developing Female Talent Part 3: High Potential Women’s Perspective

This is the last in my series focusing on the three major players helping women achieve their full potential.  We’ve previously looked at managers and mentors.  In this blog, I’ll focus on the women themselves.

Every year WOMEN Unlimited engages with hundreds of women who participate in our programs throughout the United States and in Asia Pacific. Plus we continue to provide development resources to our over 11,000 alumnae via The WUN – alumnae network.  Through both formal and informal research, we identify the current opportunities and challenges women face as they strive to reach the highest levels in their organizations. Continue Reading

Highlights; An Information-Packed Webinar on Fostering Female Talent

On March 17th, WOMEN Unlimited sponsored a webinar on What Every Manager Should Know About Fostering Female Talent. I had the privilege of moderating a panel of three distinguished executives, each with years of experience helping women on their teams reach their full potential.

Our webinar panelists were: Jeffrey B. Fischer, Vice President of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies…Laura Mezey, Vice President of the Bayer Company …and Palani Palaniappan
Vice President & Head, Global Biologics CMC at The Takeda Oncology Company

They covered four important questions

  • The differences between managing female talent and male talent
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Strategies both companies and mangers should espouse
  • Their “Big 3” for retaining and promoting talented women

Continue Reading

Developing Female Talent Part 2: The Mentoring Perspective

Since the inception of WOMEN Unlimited in 1994, we have pinpointed mentoring, along with education and networking, as one of our three pillars for developing female talent. Our involvement with thousands of high potential women and hundreds of mentors has helped forge our perspective on how key mentoring relationships can and should work for BOTH mentees and their mentors. Continue Reading

Developing Female Talent Part 1: The Manager Perspective

In my last blog, I talked about the “MEN” in our name “WOMEN Unlimited”, being deliberate because unless men are engaged in the process of inclusiveness, it is doomed to failure.

I also have a way of looking at the “M-A-N” in “WOMAN.” I see it as pointing to “MANagers,” both male and female, whose wholehearted involvement and support are essential to help women advance.

That’s why in helping top organizations attract, develop and retain female talent, we also help managers support their high potential women. Many managers tell us that as a result of their women attending our programs, their own learning curve is facilitated. As the women on their team progress through a program, the managers gain a better sense… Continue Reading