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Soccer and Tennis: Why Corporations Need Both

Throughout the year, we invite guest bloggers to share their from-the-field perspectives on inclusiveness and diversity. I’m so pleased to provide you with a number of outstanding and actionable insights from Tom Dybro. Continue Reading

Developing Female Talent Part 3: High Potential Women’s Perspective

This is the last in my series focusing on the three major players helping women achieve their full potential.  We’ve previously looked at managers and mentors.  In this blog, I’ll focus on the women themselves.

Every year WOMEN Unlimited engages with hundreds of women who participate in our programs throughout the United States and in Asia Pacific. Plus we continue to provide development resources to our over 11,000 alumnae via The WUN – alumnae network.  Through both formal and informal research, we identify the current opportunities and challenges women face as they strive to reach the highest levels in their organizations. Continue Reading

Highlights; An Information-Packed Webinar on Fostering Female Talent

On March 17th, WOMEN Unlimited sponsored a webinar on What Every Manager Should Know About Fostering Female Talent. I had the privilege of moderating a panel of three distinguished executives, each with years of experience helping women on their teams reach their full potential.

Our webinar panelists were: Jeffrey B. Fischer, Vice President of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies…Laura Mezey, Vice President of the Bayer Company …and Palani Palaniappan
Vice President & Head, Global Biologics CMC at The Takeda Oncology Company

They covered four important questions

  • The differences between managing female talent and male talent
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Strategies both companies and mangers should espouse
  • Their “Big 3” for retaining and promoting talented women

Continue Reading

Developing Female Talent Part 2: The Mentoring Perspective

Since the inception of WOMEN Unlimited in 1994, we have pinpointed mentoring, along with education and networking, as one of our three pillars for developing female talent. Our involvement with thousands of high potential women and hundreds of mentors has helped forge our perspective on how key mentoring relationships can and should work for BOTH mentees and their mentors. Continue Reading

Developing Female Talent Part 1: The Manager Perspective

In my last blog, I talked about the “MEN” in our name “WOMEN Unlimited”, being deliberate because unless men are engaged in the process of inclusiveness, it is doomed to failure.

I also have a way of looking at the “M-A-N” in “WOMAN.” I see it as pointing to “MANagers,” both male and female, whose wholehearted involvement and support are essential to help women advance.

That’s why in helping top organizations attract, develop and retain female talent, we also help managers support their high potential women. Many managers tell us that as a result of their women attending our programs, their own learning curve is facilitated. As the women on their team progress through a program, the managers gain a better sense… Continue Reading

What’s In a Name?

WOMEN Unlimited – The Women’s Organization for Mentoring, Education and Networking

Whenever I facilitate one of our WOMEN Unlimited programs or speak at a Conference or workshop, one question invariably comes up and usually with a look that suggests the person asking has uncovered an interesting irony:

“Do you know that MEN is in your name?”

My answer is

“Yes, we do know and it’s no accident. It’s deliberate.”

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The WOMEN Unlimited Way

As many of you know the “MEN” in our name, is an acronym for Mentoring, Education and Networking. These three pillars have formed the foundation of our strategy since we began over 20 years ago.

Also, fundamental to our strategy and to the success of our corporate partners is the integration of these pillars well beyond the women who are involved in our programs. By taking an organization-wide approach, our corporate partners complement their business and talent strategies and enjoy results that positively impact growth and profitability. We have a long track record of statistical and anecdotal evidence that shows how broad-based benefits accrue when Mentoring, Education and Networking are embraced organization-wide.

Let me give you just a few examples Continue Reading

Fall in Love with the Problem

I was recently reading an article in Harvard Business Review which urged leaders to “fall in love with the problem instead of the solution.”

The argument was a compelling one. When leaders fall in love with their own solutions instead of the underlying problems, they look for evidence to support those solutions, whether or not they’re the best solutions or even good ones. It’s human nature to justify our own ideas. Continue Reading

Attracting, Developing and Retaining Female Talent: Making It Happen

WOMEN Unlimited recently interviewed Audrey Goodman, who as VP of Organizational Development at Medco Health Solutions, was a long-time WOMEN Unlimited corporate partner.  She currently heads up her own consulting practice and is an Executive Development Consultant for our FEW program, exclusively for women at top corporate levels. 

Audrey is one of the most knowledgeable people we know when it comes to best practices for attracting, developing and retaining female talent.

WOMEN Unlimited (WU) Would you highlight what you see as most important for attracting, developing and retaining female talent?

Audrey Goodman (AG): First of all, you can’t have a one-size-fits-all corporate culture. Women are looking for companies that provide flexibility. Telecommuting and flexible work hours are extremely important to women who often are juggling a great deal personally and professionally. Companies need to have a philosophy that says “We don’t care where you do the work as long as you do the work.” Continue Reading

Introducing IMpower


I am thrilled and excited to announce that as of September 1st, WOMEN Unlimited is launching a brand new learning experience for early career female talent. It’s called IMpower, Grow the Talent That Will Grow Your Company and replaces TEAM as our cornerstone offering for talented entry-level women.

IMpower has been meticulously structured to meet the changing needs of both early career women and their organizations. I’d like to share with you a few of the highpoints of this ground-breaking development program: Continue Reading