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2016—“It Was A Very Good Year” for WOMEN Unlimited

I’ve always loved that Sinatra classic.

I’m happy to say the title nicely defines how 2016 shaped up for us at WOMEN Unlimited, our corporate partners, their participants in our programs, and the managers and the mentors who support them.

It was a very busy year as well, with a number of changes, enhancements and innovations that have been very favorably received by the management community. Here’s a look at some of the year’s highlights. Continue Reading

The Community Designing Technology Needs to Be As Broad and Diverse As the Community Consuming It!

I am pleased to share with you Heidi Musser’s experiences and insights on diversity in STEM. She is a long-time advocate for gender parity.

Her viewpoints on why diversity is not taking hold in STEM very much align with what we at WOMEN Unlimited see across companies and industries, especially regarding unconscious bias, failure to measure results, and the need for top management to set the tone company-wide.   Dr. Rosina L. Racioppi, President & CEO, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.

Continue Reading

Election ’16 – Moving Forward: A Corporate Perspective

It’s been one week since Election Day and we’ve all had a chance to sit back, take a breath and look at where we go from here, whatever our political affiliations, whatever our points of view.

I’d like to spend a little time focusing specifically on how we as individuals within a corporation can successfully move forward and help ourselves and others look to new opportunities for growth and development. Continue Reading

Performance vs. Potential: Time to break the cycle

Once again, research and reality confirm an unhappy obstacle on the road to gender parity:
Women have to prove they can succeed in a position before they are promoted to it; while men are often promoted based on their perceived potential. Continue Reading

Highlights: An Information Packed Webinar on STEM and Female Talent

On September 28th, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. sponsored a webinar on STEM: Developing and Retaining Female Talent. I had the privilege of moderating the discussion which featured two panelists with extensive STEM experience: Liz Borowsky, Senior Director, Akamai Technologies, Inc. and Jennifer Harnden-Koehler, Ph.D., Executive Coaching & Talent Management Consulting, Talent Acceleration Group. Continue Reading

Forging a New Generation of Leaders in Asia Pacific

For over a year now, we have been partnering with Em Roblin and her organization LEAP to bring the proven WOMEN Unlimited approach to organizations operating in Asia Pacific, with programs in Singapore and Shanghai. Here’s Em’s take on the impact so far. Continue Reading

Inclusiveness: Wall Street vs. Main Street

I recently read an article in the New York Times, How Wall Street Bro Talk Keeps Women Down by Sam Polk.

As the head of an organization dedicated to the advancement of women, I had to ask myself “Is this really 2016?” The article highlighted the misogyny that still exists on Wall Street, where according to Polk, “a woman has never been the chief executive of a major investment bank. Only about 2 percent of hedge fund managers are women.” Continue Reading

Interview with Visael “Bobby” Rodriguez

WOMEN Unlimited recently interviewed Bobby Rodriguez for his perspective as a Chief Diversity Officer on inclusiveness and developing female talent Continue Reading

IMpower Defines a Clear Path for Early-career Women and Their Employers IMpower

It’s much harder to scale a lattice than to climb a ladder.

In many organizations today, the only path for career advancement is a matrix that has no discernible line of direction. Unlike the easy-to-follow career ladder, the lattice doesn’t offer bright signposts detailing the next stop, nor does it clearly point to people who can advise and describe at each level.

The lattice is marked even less clearly for early-career women. Companies’ hearts may be in the right place, but the constant demand for short-term progress diverts attention elsewhere. So women and their employers are left to figure it out on their own. Continue Reading

Soccer and Tennis: Why Corporations Need Both

Throughout the year, we invite guest bloggers to share their from-the-field perspectives on inclusiveness and diversity. I’m so pleased to provide you with a number of outstanding and actionable insights from Tom Dybro. Continue Reading