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We Amplify the Impact of Your Gender Parity Initiatives

Today, it’s just as much about the mindset to move ahead as it is about the skillset to
take you there. Our programs guide participants to build a
strategic thinking framework to lead – even thrive.

By investing in key talent today, our Corporate Partners build a strong, competitive strategy for tomorrow.

Mentoring, Education, Networking

Our mission is simple, and our work is impactful. Using our unique, matrixed approach to leadership development - MentoringEducation and Networking, we develop leaders who deliver results. And each virtual leadership program honors and incorporates these key components.

Very pleased to see that this important development will continue in light of our current situation. Manager of WUI Program Participant, Bio Pharmaceutical


Leveraging the vast expertise that WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. has using virtual learning platforms, participants experience robust and engaging development  – complete with dynamic team discussions and mentor relationships.

The FEWLEAD and IMpower programs are aligned for today’s challenging business environment and prepare women to be even more effective and agile leaders.

I’ve learned to meet ambiguity head on. WUI definitely has helped me to be a courageous person and leader. LEAD Program Participant, Financial Services



2018 Impact Report - Managers & Mentors: Their Vital Role in Advancing Female Talent


RELATIONSHIPS MATTER: How Women Use Developmental Networks to Step into Their Power and Influence

How It Works
It's In Our Name

WOMEN: Mentoring, Education, Networking

We provide a multi-faceted approach to gender parity which generates immediate and long-term benefits for both high potential women and their organizations.


High potential women forge enduring mentoring relationships with both peers and top professionals from leading companies. Mentoring strategies are aligned to career levels.


Each program provides a proven combination of best practices, experiential learning and peer group interaction. Together, they advance both the participant’s professional development and her contributions to organizational success.


Participants are briefed on how to create effective networks that reach beyond their current contacts. Strategies for forging a diverse network, appropriate for present and future career levels, are emphasized.

WOMEN Unlimited Benefits All Major Stakeholders Across Your Organization

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Gains appreciation of the skills and talents of program participants. Learns state-of-the-art managerial tools for supporting high potential female talent.

In a low-risk environment, develops the tools and strategies to advance her career and become a powerful contributor to long-term corporate success.

Learns best practices to increase profitability by amplifying gender parity initiatives. Gains increased awareness on how to attract, develop and retain high potential women.

Gains valuable insights into the ways to support female talent. Better understands how to be an effective mentor to women at varying career levels.

Gains a powerful partner in WOMEN Unlimited to support and amplify gender parity strategies…and increase the number of women in the talent pipeline.

Featured Resource

A Business Case For Leadership Diversity

See how the world’s most successful leaders have made diversity work for both their talented women and their organization’s bottom line. Discover proven, from-the-field strategies by downloading, “What Every Manager Should Know About Fostering Female Talent: A Playbook of Proven Strategies.”

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