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Tools. Techniques. Strategies for Sustainable Gender Parity

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Women’s Mentoring Wisdom: Research by Dr. Rosina L. Racioppi

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Bottom Line Benefits of Sustainable Gender Parity

At WOMEN Unlimited, we know there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Every corporate partner is different. That’s why we center our partner relationships around each organization’s individual gender parity needs. By working together to expand the involvement of all key players: HR leaders, managers, mentors, top management and, of course, high potential women themselves, we have helped countless partners enjoy the benefits of diversity at all organizational levels.



Why our corporate partners keep coming back to us

Gender Parity takes hold more quickly

Commitment to diversity is set at the highest levels

Corporate culture barriers to gender parity are more easily addressed

High potential women have a wider support network

Managers become more adept at managing female talent

Mentors become valued assets to both their mentees and the organization as a whole

Retention of high potential women increases

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Discover proven strategies the world's most successful leaders have used to make diversity work, by downloading our Managers Playbook:

Mentoring future women leaders is key to an organization's success.

Learn more about Research Based Best Practices in our current IMPACT REPORT: Developing Female Talent: A Story of Positive Change - A Story of Creating Sustainable Change”

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Liz Borowsky, LEAD Graduate

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