Our Focus

WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. (WUI) partners with organizations to provide development opportunities that foster gender parity and inclusion, and ensures successful career pathways for women. Our development experiences are created for high-potential female talent to support their career growth and transformative shift toward becoming confident, influential, and impactful leaders. WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. (WUI) provides opportunities for male and female leaders to engage as mentors and/or speakers - enhancing their understanding and capabilities for developing and retaining top talent.

Measures of Success

Increased Senior Leader awareness and engagement in female talent development and progression.

Manager provides consistent feedback, support and accountability.

Participant gains specific and actionable feedback with clear, aligned areas for growth, along with opportunities to apply and demonstrate new behavior shifts and key learnings.

Seasoned leaders identified to Mentor in a WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. (WUI) program results in a stronger understanding of the nuances of developing female talent and maximizing business impact.

Engaged WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. (WUI) program Alumnae utilize our private LinkedIn group, as well as learn from and share The WUN (The WOMEN Unlimited Network) newsletters and live webinars. Using The WUN to Many engagement resource also allows others to grow from The WUN offerings.

Corporate impact includes the retention and advancement of diverse talent and engaged leaders who are ready to contribute significantly to corporate growth and profitability.