IMpower: Grow the Talent that will Grow your Company

Introducing: An All New Program Replacing Team - IMpower

Why the Change?

  • Global, corporate and demographic landscapes are continually changing
  • The talent pipeline is rapidly diminishing, creating the need to prepare talented women earlier for leadership roles
  • Organizations are becoming increasingly matrixed
  • Career progression is now much more a lattice than a ladder
  • Diversity has become critically important for bottom line success
  • Learning ability and increased adaptability are key factors to individual and corporate success

Major Areas Covered—the Result of Extensive Research

IMpower is the direct result of extensive research of WOMEN Unlimited's corporate partners and other leading corporations. The content has been designed specifically for today's early-career, high-potential female professional, so she will be fully prepared to advance her career by contributing to corporate goals and objectives. Key topics covered:
  • Owning your career: Focus, Awareness, Agility
  • Savvy Relationships: Expanding Your Influence and Increasing Your Impact
  • Developing "Brand You": Confident, Visual, Vocal
  • Bolstering Your Business Impact: Personally and Virtually
  • Beyond Your Department: Broadening Your Business Acumen
  • Change and Innovation: Your Career Catalysts

An Organizational Solution with Long-Term Benefits to Participants and Their Companies

While the emphasis is on early-career women, IMpower's positive impact is corporate-wide. For example:
  • With WOMEN Unlimited's guidance, organizations select the high potential early-career women who will benefit from the program and contribute to the organization for the long-haul.
  • WOMEN Unlimited works with managers to ensure they understand the program AND their role in supporting and nurturing the women who have been selected to attend.
  • By selecting senior leaders to participate as mentors, organizations create a cadre of men and women who better understand the challenges facing early-career talent and how to retain this vital resource. These leaders also enhance their ability to coach and develop talented women—a growing need as teams become increasingly diverse.
  • Through WOMEN Unlimited's facilitated learning process, early-career women learn to take charge of their own career growth and development and to advance their skills by working with peers, superiors, mentors and networks.
  • IMpower provides early-career talent with the tools, techniques and strategies required for career-long success. The skill sets they master as a result of the program will continue to pay dividends for both themselves and their organizations.

Not Just a Program—A Process

IMpower is not just a program. It is part and parcel of WOMEN Unlimited's strategy to serve as an organizational solution for corporate partners. As a result, talented women, their managers and their corporate leaders gain a unified approach to advancing corporate growth and bottom line results. IMpower fee includes:
  • All six sessions with all requisite materials
  • Advice on selection of candidates
  • On-going interaction with HR, participants' managers and senior level executives
  • Mentor development
  • Post-session alumnae activities for on-going growth and development
  • Consultation on best practices for talent management initiatives
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IMpower at a Glance

  • Replaces TEAM as the cornerstone program for early-career women
  • The result of extensive research on what corporations require to develop and retain female talent
  • Six live and virtual sessions—reinforced by on-the-job activities and interactions
  • Actively engages managers and mentors in the development process
  • Held throughout the year in the United States and Asia Pacific