Meet Our Team

At WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. we practice what we preach. Our team of high-powered women leaders thinks, plans and acts strategically to ensure our programs are continually on target for our corporate partners and their participants. Committed, passionate and experienced, we have what it takes to develop the diverse pool of executive talent your company needs for sustained growth and increased profitability. Please take a moment to meet our team:


Rosina L. Racioppi, Ed.D.
Rosina L. Racioppi, Ed.D. President and Chief Executive Officer
Jean M. Otte
Jean M. Otte Founder
Nina M. Dougar, CPA
Nina M. Dougar, CPA Chief Financial Officer
Ann Calello Groccia
Ann Calello Groccia Vice President, Corporate Partner Relationships
Amy Gonzales
Amy Gonzales Vice President, Global Learning and Development
Audrey Goodman
Audrey Goodman Executive Development Consultant

North East Region

Kathryn Mayer
Kathryn Mayer Program Manager New York LEAD Program
Carey Albertine
Carey Albertine Program Manager New Jersey LEAD Program
Whitney Siavelis
Whitney Siavelis Program Manager, New York LEAD Program NJ / NY Corporate Partner Relations
Lorri Elder Dyner
Lorri Elder Dyner Program Manager New Jersey / New York IMpower Programs
Laura Barkan
Laura Barkan Program Manager Boston IMpower Program
Laurie Witt
Laurie Witt Program Manager Boston LEAD Program
Val Williams
Val Williams Executive Coach The FEW Program

Midwest Region

Brenda Knapp
Brenda Knapp Area Manager, Midwest Program Manager, Chicago LEAD Program
Judy Busby
Judy Busby Program Manager Chicago LEAD Program
Claudia Montgomery
Claudia Montgomery Program Manager Chicago IMpower Program

Southern Region

Stephanie Hillman
Stephanie Hillman Area Manager, Atlanta Program Manager, Atlanta LEAD / IMpower Programs
Peggy Jackson
Peggy Jackson Program Manager Orlando LEAD / IMpower Programs

West Coast Region

Robin McNatt
Robin McNatt Regional Director, West Coast Program Manager, So. California LEAD Program
Sarah Benenson Goldberg
Sarah Benenson Goldberg Program Manager San Francisco IMpower Program
Samantha Raniere
Samantha Raniere Program Manager San Francisco IMpower Program
Leslie Rubin
Leslie Rubin Program Manager San Francisco LEAD Program
Brenda Rossi
Brenda Rossi Program Manager San Francisco LEAD Program
Andrea Quimby
Andrea Quimby Program Manager Southern California IMpower Program
Klara Farkas
Klara Farkas Program Manager Southern California LEAD Program