Q: Why should I choose WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. over other leadership development programs?
A: 98% of the corporate partners who initially send participants to our programs continue to do so annually. The characteristics that set WOMEN Unlimited programs apart from other types of training and development are a key contributor to the ongoing participation of Fortune 1000 companies. These proven components include: involvement of the participant's manager in the process...inclusion of assessment tools and action assignments to determine progress... mentorship by leading executives and on-going support by the WOMEN Unlimited team for the corporate partner's internal development program.
Q: Why are the programs only for women?
A: Data indicates that organizations who have more diversity at senior levels outperform their competition. WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. partners with organizations who appreciate this diversity and its importance to their immediate and long-term business results. Indicators also show that men and women operate differently in corporate environments and consequently achieve results differently. By offering its programs exclusively to high potential women, WOMEN Unlimited is able to help them create strategies for individual and corporate success, as well as identify road blocks that can derail them.
Q: Is there a process for selecting candidates?
A: WOMEN Unlimited works closely with corporate partners to help them identify and select the appropriate programs for the right women at the right time in their careers. WOMEN Unlimited engages in an on-going process with long-term corporate partners to ensure their talent management strategies are being fully supported and that their current business needs are being met through both the selection process and the programs themselves.
Q: How are mentors identified and selected?
A: We work closely with corporate partners to help them identify / select senior level men and women to participate as mentors in the programs. Mentor participation provides no-cost opportunities to support ongoing leadership development for both participants and mentors. In addition, mentors develop a far-reaching network with fellow senior leaders from a myriad of organizations and industries.
Q: Are programs offered outside the USA?
A: Based on requests from the many international organizations who partner with WOMEN Unlimited to offer a global program, we currently offer the IMpower program in Shanghai and Singapore.
Q: Can you help us make a business case to our leadership team?
A: WOMEN Unlimited associates, Program Managers and Regional Directors have all had successful careers in the corporate world and in a wide variety of industries.They work closely with corporate partners to help them make the business case for the importance of this effective and unique method of developing high-potential women.
Q: What is the cost of WOMEN Unlimited programs?
A: The IMpower Program - $4,250.00
The LEAD Program - $7,550.00
The FEW Program - $10,500.00
(Scholarships are awarded to not-for-profit organizations supporting women's initiatives)
Q: I see that only the start date of the program is listed on your website. When will all the dates be available?
A: Finalized workshop dates will be published on the website six (6) months prior to the start date.