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Costa Mesa, CA

06/15/17 Creating the LEADership Mindset
07/26/17 The Intentional Leader: Mapping Your Success Strategies
08/24/17 Organizational Savvy: The Rules of the Game (Day of Development)
10/12/17 The Leadership Connection: The Power of Alliances
11/16/17 Strengthening Your LEADership Core
12/14/17 Leadership Presence: The IT Factor
01/18/18 Leading Strategically, Thinking Globally (Day of Development)
02/08/18 The Influential Leader: Positive Connections for Powerful Results
03/08/18 Risky Business: Take Risks, Make Decisions (Day of Development)
04/05/18 A View from the Top
05/03/18 The Transformed Leader: Changing the Corporate Landscape
08/03/18 Reconnect, Reflect and Recommit - Virtual
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